Landeal Group is a Toronto based real estate development, investment, and asset management company.

We have a successful and proven track record of acquiring, redeveloping, repositioning and completing projects that generate above average market returns. We are very active in the Toronto market and highly selective of the projects we are involved with. We are passionate about Toronto and want to contribute to its rich and diverse culture.

Landeal is a multidisciplinary group with broad experience in all facets of real estate including acquisition, planning, development, sales and finance. Toronto is a world class city and we are confident about the long-term trajectory of real estate as consistent demand is generated by influx from immigration, migration, and job creation.



Vision Values


Our Vision is to create remarkable master planned developments that are catylst for change and are sensitively designed to enhance existing communities into more desirable places to live, shop, work and play.


Our core values are first People, earn Trust, and deliver on promised Results. We understand people are the greatest assets of our business. We built our team with the best professionals in the industry with high integrity that in turn will attract others with similar qualities. We recognize Trust as our highest value with our customers, value chain providers, partners and employees. We strive to deliver the optimal business results to earn the trust we receive.



We aspire to develop vibrant communities. This drive`s our real estate acquisition philosophy more than any other factor. We develop communities that are lively and culturally rich with amenities that includes public transit, school, parks, restaurants, and shopping within reasonable walking distance.

We understand that new developments can be disruptive by their very nature which is why we are sensitive to the local needs of the neighbourhood. We approach each development as unique projects with unique needs. We work extensively with local governments, resident groups, internationally renowned architects and planners to create the most cohesive, high quality and innovative communities that suit the neighborhoods.


We take our responsibility seriously as good corporate and global citizens. As we grow our business, the following principles and activities ensure we balance economic, social and environmental responsibilities:

  • Strive to minimize our foot print on the environment and use our resources as efficiently as possible.
  • Actively support the local communities we are involved in and empower and encourage our employees to participate along our side.
  • Evaluate potential suppliers holding them accountable for environmental sustainability, performance and human right issues.
  • Participate in industry-wide initiatives to give voice to global concerns and support relief efforts for those most disadvantaged.
  • Conduct business activities with the highest ethical standards ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Be transparent to our stakeholders including employees and investors.