Our Services

Landeal will acquire, develop and build premium low to mid-rise houses in Toronto. Traditional and stacked urban townhomes will be our primary focus. This strategy will allow Landeal to fill a price affordability void that exists between low rise homes and high rise condominium units that we expect to become even greater over the next 5 years as demand continues to exceed supply.

Property Development

We aim to create inspiring, innovative, and integrated community development projects that deliver the best living experience in Toronto, while being socially, environmentally and economically responsible. We strive to be inclusive by working collaboratively with local government and resident groups.

Property Repositioning

We have a talent for spotting underperformed properties and turning them into above market returns. With our deep connections with major leaders in the industry, as well as our extensive cross industry experiences, we are able to create the optimal plan for undervalued properties, reposition them and eventually reap the benefits of the value created.

Property management

We take care of our properties, but more importantly, we take care of our tenants. We understand the tenants' success is our success. We provide in house or through third parties the most professional, responsive, and cost-effective property management services to our tenants so they can do what they do best - operate their businesses.

Asset Management

We manage investment in real estate in different classes of commercial and residential real estate assets including but not limited to: redevelopment sites, greenfield, fixed income properties, and other asset classes. We have a strong commitment to provide the most timely, transparent and sophisticated reports to our client partners.