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Landeal is a multidisciplinary group with broad experience in all facets of real estate including acquisition, planning, development, sales and finance. Our partners include some of the most successful and prominent real estate professionals in the country that have independently shaped the Toronto landscape. Toronto is a world class city and we are confident about the long-term trajectory of real estate as consistent demand is generated by influx from immigration, migration, and job creation.

There is over 155,000 acres of land in Toronto. We are highly selective with our acquisitions within the city and understand the dynamics of each area. We are passionate about Toronto, it`s future and want to contribute to its rich and diverse culture.

Our Corporate Responsibilities


    increase in toronto`s commercial real estate activity since 2014


    increase in toronto`s commercial real estate activity since 2014


  • Deal Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Development Plan/Value

We create communities that are synergistic with their environment, provide pride in home ownership, yield social return within the community and create substantial economic value. We are a multidisciplinary group of people experienced in land development, urban planning, construction, finance, legal, marketing and sales. Together our dynamic team of professionals has the capacity to create something unique and extraordinary - a place which our purchasers will be proud to call home.

Our proprietary real asset evaluation, acquisition and value creation process ensures maximum capitalization.

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We aim to create inspiring, innovative, and integrated community development projects that deliver the best living experience, while being socially and economically responsible. We strive to be inclusive by working collaboratively with local government and resident groups.

  • Property Development
  • Property Repositioning
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
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