We are highly selective in evaluating real estate acquisitions to ensure we are only investing in properties that meet our threshold requirements.

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    Deal Sourcing

    We take a long-term view of the market to see the bigger picture and trends. It takes seeing what others don`t to recognize good acquisition opportunities. We have a very strong and experienced land team evaluating hundreds of deals each year with only the best few selected. We believe a major portion of the profit is created in the

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    Due Diligence

    We have assembled a team of leading industry experts that we engage through the various stages of due diligence, so we can quickly determine the risk and reward of a deal. Our talented team includes planners, architects, soil engineers, traffic specialists, municipal lawyers, real estate lawyers, market research and sales experts, and many others that are included in the process as warranted.

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    Development Plan/Value Creation

    We analyze and identify the highest and best use for such properties, based on site specifics, demographic, economics, and municipal plans. We compile a detailed plan to maximize the value of the properties through redevelopment by change of use, change of density and creative designs. Once we have created the value we evaluate execution strategy.